McDonough physician’s assistant gets license suspended

Medical practitioner linked to young girl’s death

A physician’s assistant at Family Medical Clinic in McDonough, has temporarily lost his license to practice medicine in Georgia, following the death of a child treated at the facility.

According to documents in the case, state health authorities believe it was Allen Brown Imes, who allegedly administered a dosage of lidocaine to a 5-year-old girl, who later died.

Kensley Grace Kirby, of Stockbridge, died June 8, following a visit to Family Medical & Urgent Care Clinic. Family members took her to the clinic for what they believed was a broken arm. She was injured during a fall in her home, according to her father, Kenny Kirby.

"In her system, she had toxic levels of lidocaine, and the lidocaine toxicity is the cause of her death," said Henry County Coroner Donald Cleveland.

According to the Georgia Composite Medical Board’s Order of Summary Suspension, Allan Imes, P.A. (referred to in the order as the respondent) is an owner of Family Medical.

Brynda Insley, an attorney representing Imes, disputes the allegations against Imes.

Allan Imes, his attorney said, does not own Family Medical, and he does not supervise physicians. He is an employee of Family Medical, according to Insley.

“ ... The Board received reliable information that on June 8, 2011, respondent [Allan Imes] performed a nerve block on patient K.G.K., in order to perform the closed reduction of the fracture, and administered approximately 16 cc’s of 2 % lidocaine for the nerve block ...,” according to the Georgia Composite Medical Board Order of Summary Suspension.

“Mr. Imes is entitled to a hearing in this matter,” said Jeffrey Lane, director of Investigations at the Georgia Medical Board. “The board looked into the matter of the 5-year-old girl that was seen at the clinic, who ultimately passed away, and due to the excessive dose of lidocaine that was administered, the board was compelled to summarily suspend Mr. Imes’ license,” said Lane.

Dr. Lorrie Imes, practice director at Family Medical Clinic, is married to Allen Brown Imes. She said the information contained in the “Order of Summary Suspension” is inaccurate.

“There is so much information in the board order that is not right,” said Dr. Imes. “Our attorney is in the process of clearing that up, and we expect a resolution in the next week,”

The Imes’ attorney, Brynda Insley, said state law prevents the clinic from identifying Kirby as the victim in the case that surrounds Allen Imes’ medical license suspension.

“There are federal and state confidentiality laws, which prohibit health-care providers from disclosing patient identifying, and other, medical information, and therefore, we cannot discuss any specific details of this matter at this time,” said Insley. “However, with regard to the Order of Summary Suspension, we want to assure our patients and the public that we are contesting many of the assertions that are being made, and, in time, we will be able to speak out and clear up many of the misconceptions.

“P.A. Imes is a well-trained and experienced physician’s assistant with specific experience in orthopedics and the setting of closed fractures,” added Insley. “P.A. Imes was working under the license of supervising physician, Jose Moreno, Jr., MD, who is a board-certified Family Medicine physician.

“Moreover, there is no written guideline, or prohibition set forth by Georgia law, or the Board, which states otherwise, or informs physicians or physician assistants that the Board contends that Family Medicine physicians cannot reduce closed fractures, or that physician assistants, working under the Family Medicine physician, must apply for special duties in a physician assistant’s job description,” added the attorney.

“We want to emphasize that Family Medical is staffed with quality health-care providers, which include medical doctors, physician assistants, nurses and radiology technicians, and we provide quality health-care services to our patients within the proper scope of the law,” said Insley.