License restored for emergency clinic employee

State agency drops temporary suspension

The physician’s assistant at Family Medical & Urgent Care Clinic, in McDonough, who temporarily lost his license to practice medicine in Georgia, has had it reinstated.

Allen Brown Imes had his license pulled following the death of a 5-year-old child treated at the facility. The parents of Kensley Grace Kirby, of Stockbridge, took her to the facility for what was believed to be a broken arm. According to documents in the case, state health authorities believed it was Imes, who allegedly administered a lethal dosage of lidocaine to the youngster, in order to repair the injury.

On Imes’ behalf, his attorney, Brynda Insley, disputed allegations from the Georgia Composite Medical Board against her client. Family Medical Clinic is a properly licensed and staffed health-care clinic with quality health-care providers, which include medical doctors, physician assistants, nurses and radiology technicians, said Insley.

Insley said the clinic has been providing quality medical care to the community since 2009, with excellent outcomes, and patient satisfaction.

“First, Family Medical Clinic sends [its] deepest condolences to the Kirby Family,” Insley said. “While the Georgia Composite Medical Board temporarily suspended Mr. Imes’ license, initially, once the relevant facts were reviewed, the Board reinstated Mr. Imes’ license, and a Consent Order Lifting the Suspension was entered on Friday, Sept. 2.

“Mr. Imes agreed to the Consent Order, however, in entering into this Consent Order, [Mr. Imes] is not admitting the truth of any of the findings or acknowledging any impropriety, but is agreeing that the Board may enter this order.

“[Mr. Imes] expressly reserves the right to contest allegations against him in any other civil, criminal or other proceedings,” added Insley. “This Order shall not be admitted into another proceeding as an admission of any impropriety.”

As the investigating attorney, Insley said, she understands that “the care provided to patient K.G.K. was consistent with what physicians and physician assistant’s generally do in the actual practice of medicine, and specifically, in reducing closed fractures.”

Insley described medicine as an inexact science, and said, it is often a matter of judgment exercised by the health-care professional, and, health-care professionals can exercise different judgments and approaches, and both can be consistent with the standard of care.

“I believe that there are differing approaches to the amount of lidocaine used by health-care providers, in order to perform a hematoma block, and that what occurred in this case, was very unique, and it is still being investigated,” said Insley. “ I can also confidently state that after 26 years of defending health-care professionals, that a bad outcome, as terrible as it may be, does not mean inappropriate care was rendered by the health-care provider.”

Insley said she believes that there was no delay in providing emergency treatment, calling 911 and transporting the child to the hospital.

“Additionally, I can refer to the Consent Order to say that ‘[Mr. Imes] indicated that both parents accompanied Patient K.G.K. to Family Medical Clinic; he offered them the option of performing the closed reduction of the fracture or they could go to the emergency room or an orthopedist,’” said Insley. “‘A parent consented to [Mr. Imes’] closed reduction of the fracture and splinting of the arm. With regard to the steps taken immediately after, on or about June 8, 2011, following the reduction of the fracture and splinting the left arm, patient K.G.K. started having seizures, and emergency procedures were instituted.’”


mikefalcon63 4 years, 2 months ago

How about showing some integrity and admitting you screwed up, Imes? Is that too much for you? Why hide behind your attorney?


mak 4 years ago

I've been following this story and and entire thing makes me sick. The child is dead due to an overdose of a drug given to her by Allan Imes at the Family Medical and Urgent Care facility. The coroner ruled it, no one else treated her, end of story. Who cares if the parents had the choice of going to an emergency room - Allan Imes should have sent them there if he wasn't capable of administering drugs and setting the arm.

How can this be denied? Why in the world would they try to shift blame and justify their actions? A child died, and the family will never get over that - neither should the individual who took her life.


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