A holly jolly view from youngsters

McDONOUGH — The holiday season is in full swing and families are making memorable moments that will last a lifetime. Many of those moments will come from the youngest among them as kids sometimes say things that make adults scratch their heads.

Sometimes children misinterpret reality and other times they just swim in their own imaginations. The following are questions posed to students at Hickory Flat Elementary School in McDonough about the holiday season. Their responses may not be surprising.

• How does Santa eat all of the cookies on Christmas Eve?

“He eats with his fingers.” Jayda Piverger, 5

“Because he has to get fatter. But if he eats all those cookies, he gets sick.” Michael Johnson, 5

“By his mouth.” Haley Coleman, 7

“He stuffs them in his stomach.” Lee Harris, 7

• How old are Santa’s elves?

“Eighteen, because some look a little old and some look a little young.” Jalen Marte, 6

“Old because they’ve been alive as long as Santa has been alive.” Marlie Echols, 7

“Twenty, because they look young.” Taylor Gray, 8

• What does Santa feed his reindeer?

“I think he feeds them fish.” Jayda Piverger, 5

“Hamdoggers.” Sarai Harris, 5

“He feeds them corn because reindeer like corn. You have to have magical corn to fly,” Michael Johnson, 5

“Carrot because carrots are good for reindeer.” Marlie Echols, 7

“Soup.” Kamilah Gomez, 9

“Corn, because they like it.” Lee Harris, 7

“Reindeer nip.” Tykeel Parham, 9

“Probably like crackers.” Alanna Crook, 8

• How do you cook a turkey?

“I don’t know how to cook a turkey. Maybe put seasoning on it ... at 375 degrees for 4 or 5 minutes. You know it’s ready when it is done and it’s steamy and hot.” Clara Thomas, 9

“Get a turkey from the store. I’m going to season it with the season my mom has to season stuff. I would put it in the oven at 500 degrees for 40 minutes.” Gavin Warren, 9

“I think you’ve got to put it in the oven. You put something on it — ingredients. You cook it for two or three hours.” Kevin Rimpel, 9

“Thaw it out by putting it in the sink. Put it in a deep fryer and put a thermometer in it and put it in a big pan and put it in the oven so it does not get cold. If it’s too cold, then it’s not ready.” Lily Walker, 9

• How much does Santa weigh?

“Five thousand pounds. He looks like he does because of all of the cookies he eats.” Mason Haymon, 7

“One hundred pounds.” Haley Coleman, 7

“One hundred pounds.” Kamilah Gomez, 9

“Maybe 2,000 pounds.” David English, 9

“A thousand pounds, because he eats all those cookies.” Taylor Gray, 8

• How many reindeer does Santa have? What are their names?

“Eight reindeer. Rudolph, Dasher, Prancer, Glitzen—” Tykeel Parham, 9

• What is on Santa’s Christmas list?

“Maybe for everybody to be happy.” David English, 8

“Some presents for himself.” Alanna Crook, 8

• What’s your favorite holiday movie?

“The Santa Clause.” Sriram Mudireddy, 10

“Fred Claus.” Aaniya Toliver, 10