Stockbridge taps Alarcon to replace Stuart as mayor

By Jim Zachary


STOCKBRIDGE — The city of Stockbridge has a new mayor.

Just two days after removing former Mayor Lee Stuart from office, Mayor Pro Tem Mark Alarcon has ascended to the helm of city government. The City Council voted to name Alarcon mayor and city councilman Richard Steinberg mayor pro tem. Councilman Alphonso Thomas, consistently opposed to action against Stuart, abstained, but the other voting council members -- Robin Buschman, Harold Cochran and Steinberg -- all voted in favor of Alarcon.

Shirley Dabney, the next-highest vote getter in the last citywide election, was tapped to fill the vacant seat on the council created by naming Alarcon mayor.

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eaglelanding 2 years, 11 months ago

What a joke......wanna be Mayor Alarcon gets three people to vote him in....how about having a Special election to ELECT the new Mayor....Alarcon could not even get a UNANIMOUS vote from all of the city council members....Probably would not get 50 votes if a real election is held.


pjcabrel 2 years, 9 months ago



eaglelanding 2 years, 11 months ago

We need to hold a Special session and kick out the wanna be mayor....


mcarroll78 2 years, 11 months ago

As a witness to this hearing and several meetings over the last few months, I must say that is very evident that the City Council in Stockbridge simply had it out for the Mayor. No question about that.

I am a firm believer of justice be served. The City Council hired the Attorney, the Investigator, the Prosecutor and the Judge. They all received compensation from the City Council!

It has been pointed out that a Superior Court Judge ruled that this City Council acted illegally. That in itself is grounds for removal for members of the City Council?

The Court Clerk, by her own admission stated that she disobeyed a directive from her Supervisor. Where else would she be employed doing that? The Council allowed that. Is that not grounds for removal?

The former City Administrator came in and took full responsibility for the charge of hiring Sutton; and Alarcon still made a motion to remove for that charge.

The City Council disregarded the fact that the IT person that called in on the phone to testify stated that the Mayor never acted on monitoring emails – and yet the motion was made to remove on that charge also.

The former City Clerk and the acting City Clerk both confirmed that redacting confidential information was the responsibility of the Clerk. Yet, the council made the motion to remove the Mayor on that charge even though he had instructed the former City Clerk, Vasquez, to redact information as required within her duties. Captain Goings admitted in his testimony that it wasn’t a City of Stockbridge confidential document – yet the motion to remove the Mayor was made for that charge.

The Treasurer snatched an envelope from the Mayor’s hand. Now that’s what I would call a hostile work environment, led by the Treasurer.

All I can say is, if Judge McGarity hears what I heard, and with a clear conscious rules in favor of the City of Stockbridge City Council, then the Henry County Justice System will be forever shamed and put into the same category as the Kangaroo Court that went on in Stockbridge.


mzholiday 2 years, 11 months ago

This has been the plot all along. Why were crying Mark....can't believe you got away with it? Now don't forget David Milliron has TOLD you that he wants to be City Administrator. He's held out long enough pretending to be the Treasurer. You have your speech ready? "David has been doing this and that and rather than us go out and find a qualified candidate, we'll just move him into the City Administrator position".

What you Mark Alarcon and now Shirley Dabney need to know over this next year is that you are SELECTED OFFICIALS, AND not ELECTED OFFICIALS. The citizens of Stockbridge did not elect you as Mayor and Council person.

Backdoor politics is ugly and both of you are wearing it well.


tiredofthetermitspolitics 2 years, 11 months ago

It's not in what they did, it's how they acted afterwards! From the sounds of the news reports, Mayor Stuart's appeal may not matter. From the way the days after the ouster has unfolded, it's the way the current council is acting that raises questions.... This coming election should be very interesting....


krobinsonII 2 years, 11 months ago

If this doesn't motivate citizens, I don't know what will. How can the city council ignore the will of the people? The citizens of Stockbridge voted Mayor Stuart into office. We also voted this do-nothing councilwoman Sfhirley Dabney out of office. And in both cases, four members of the city council have basically told us that they don't care about our vote and what we want. This is about power and control. I don't want to hear anything from this council about the citizens. It's all about them.This was nothing short of a hostile takeover.I hope the Mayor appeals and it will be interesting to see how the court justifies what this city council has done.


eaglelanding 2 years, 11 months ago

I see they finally removed Mr. Stuarts picture and bio from the City website, I guess they can thank me for pointing it out to the Henry Heralds moderator....


eaglelanding 2 years, 11 months ago

wow lots of meetings have been cancelled by the council.....maybe they do not want to face the people of Stockbridge....I guarantee I will be at the next meeting and will tell them how I feel in my 3 minutes....


TruthNJustice 2 years, 11 months ago

When Tuesday comes around .... The Truth Will Set Stuart Free!


jrock37 2 years, 11 months ago

No matter what the Mayor or Council do, someone will find something to complain about. The city voted for the Mayor as well as the Council. Now let them do what they were voted in to do, handle business. Whether you agree with their choices or not, they are giving up their personal time to serve this city. This small town elected officials do not make nearly enough money for the work they put in.

Everyone needs to take a minute and think about how this decision really affects their life. The only people this affects are the mayor and council. My garbage is still picked up. My water is still on. Chaos did not break out on the streets. Prior to all the commotion between the mayor and council being in the news, I was unaware of who the mayor even was. If the Council found reason enough to do what they did, who are we to question it. We voted them into office to handle day to day issues so we wouldn't be bothered. I have more important things to worry about than who is deciding where a new red light should go, or whether or not to install a sidewalk.

Was Stuart a bad person, maybe? I don't know him. Did he break some laws, probably? Once again I don't know. I voted these people in to handle this and not to be bickering like little kids on the news. Make decisions, communicate, and work together.


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