A refreshing experience with our brave soldiers — Jim Bell

Special Photo: Jim Bell

Special Photo: Jim Bell

Many of you know I have a CD, which I give to our brave troops as they pass through the Atlanta Airport, usually on their way back to their assignments in Afghanistan.

I had an opportunity to spend some time, recently, visiting these heroes and telling them, “Thank You,” for what they are doing, and the sacrifices they are making to keep our country safe. These young men and women are impressive, indeed, as they are so positive about their jobs.

They all have good attitudes, and many tell me they are ready to get involved in our nation’s activities. They want to go there (Afghanistan) and do their part to win this war, in which we are involved. I talked with some who had been home on two week’s leave. One told me a story, which I believe, and you need to hear. He said he was glad to get home and see his wife again. The first day home, he watched the news and saw how they covered the violence and deaths and explosions, and was surprised to learn that was the end of the story, as reported.

He said the killing and violence were only a part of the story, that he knows first-hand of many good things that are happening there: Many areas are safe, people go on with their daily business, kids go to school, people go to work, construction is being done, and progress is being made in achieving a free-and-peaceful country.

He said he did not watch the news anymore after that.

Every one of the soldiers I talked with were upbeat and positive about what they are involved in, and feel the danger they face is worth it, and they are doing the right thing.

I told each of them that I represented you, the majority of the citizens in the metro area, and I wanted to thank each of them for what they are doing, and the sacrifices they are making for their country. I told them we honor them as our heroes, and they could be sure we support them, and stand behind them in their service to their country.

I told them God loved them, and I prayed He would protect them and bring them home safely. As I gave these brave men and women a CD, I told them what it consisted of: The first track was a group of men and women, like their parents and grandparents and their brothers and sisters, telling them they are appreciated, and we sincerely thank them for their service. It tells them we realize how serious and dangerous their job is, and they must know and believe we all honor and respect them for their sacrifice of service.

I wanted them to know they are not forgotten, or taken for granted, but we remember them, love them and pray for them. The second and third tracks are songs I have written about our love for our great country, and how we are determined to protect and defend her even to our death. The second song was, and is, just for them, our heroes, whom we honor and support. Then I told them the fourth tract was a presentation of the gospel, and I hoped it would bless them and give them hope and strength.

I was very moved by their responses. They were very appreciative of both my remarks and the CD. They promised they would listen to the songs and messages, and when they finished, they would share the CD with their buddies. They told me of Bible-study groups they were in, and that they pray before they go out to face each day.

I am so proud of each one of these men and women! They are our finest! Yes, they are very young, and some are inexperienced, and are yet to face the hardships of war and death, but they are not the least bit afraid of what they face.

They are ready, dedicated to the task ahead, and they are determined to win!

I trust you and I are as determined to honor and support them! Please pray for these, our heroes, and let us be positive in our remarks and praise for them.