Woman arrested twice on forgery charges

Scheduled to appear in court Jan. 6

Stephanie Renee Bailey

Stephanie Renee Bailey

McDonough police have arrested a woman twice, in separate cases, after she allegedly cashed checks using her former employer’s banking account.

Police charged Stephanie Renee Bailey, of Atlanta, with first degree forgery in both cases.

“She was in custody on the first forgery, released, and then re-arrested on the second forgery,” said McDonough Detective R. Gardner. “We are noticing an increase in financial crimes, and in this past year, we’ve noticed victims have lost more money to the commission of financial crimes than in other types of crime ...,” the detective added.

McDonough police initially arrested Bailey on Aug. 22, and charged her first degree forgery. Heritage Bank officials told police their bank at 860 Georgia Highway 20 West, had received two separate checks on two separate days that appeared “fictitious.”

On July 28, a Heritage bank official told Police Officer J. Hobbs, the first check for $2,354.87 was deposited in the night box on July 22. The bank official said the second check was deposited on July 27, according to the police report.

The bank official told police “he noticed that they both had the same routing number, but were from different places,” the police report said.

The bank discovered that one of the checks had been printed on the front and the back with the dollar amount. The bank official told police the check had several mistakes on it, and it appeared that the actual numbers had been typed over.

“He advised that both checks were deposited into Stephanie Bailey’s account, and she called and checked to see if the funds were available,” according to the police report.

Bailey was arrested Aug. 22, and her bail was set at $10, 050, for the first degree forgery charge. The next day, Aug. 23, Bailey appeared before Henry County Magistrate Court Judge Robert Godwin, who reduced her bond to $7,500. She was released from jail.

In Bailey’s most recent arrest, McDonough Police Officer S.L. Holmes responded to a forgery call at a BB&T Bank, located at 12 North Cedar St., on Oct. 5.

BB&T bank investigators said a $5,800 deposit had been made on May 24 –– by Bailey –– into the business account of BACO Exterminating, located at 530 C Forest Parkway, in Forest Park.

Bank authorities were investigating Bailey for allegedly opening the business account with a stolen check, according to the police report.

McDonough police arrested Bailey again on Dec. 27. She appeared in Henry County Magistrate Court before Judge David Brown, the following day. Bailey’s bond was set for $10,050, and Judge Brown reset her case for Jan. 6.