The power of the Ten Commandments — Jim Bell

Special Photo: Jim Bell

Special Photo: Jim Bell

God gave the Israelites, His chosen people, The Ten Commandments as His law to live by. They were to obey His laws; they were to memorize them and teach them to their children. These laws became the very foundation of instructions for the people to know and live their lives in obedience to Him.

Down through the ages, nations have made these laws the basis of ethical behavior, society has incorporated them into a written code of law as well as an unwritten guide of acceptable behavior. The framers of our Constitution had these laws in mind as they worked out the articles of this great document.

I believe this is one reason why our Constitution has been, and still is, a very important group of laws for our great country. They came from the awesome mind of God Himself! The one who knows the mind of man completely.

He knows our capabilities, our strengths and our weaknesses. He knows the mind of man can be loving and kind, wanting to treat his fellowman justly, but He also knows how evil and conniving man can be. He knows man is sinful and easily tempted by the devil. This has been true since the first man — Adam –– and continues to this day.

So the Lord gave man a powerful group of laws — just ten simple instructions to follow as a guide for living a life that is pleasing to Him. Why are these Laws so important to the life of all men? The Law brings us to the knowledge of sin (Romans 3:30).

The Law shows us our guilt before God and stops us from justifying ourselves (Romans 3:19).

The Law shows us the depth of our sin (Romans 7:7).

The Law was designed for the very purpose of bringing men to Christ. The Law shows us how guilty and helpless we are.

So God has given us 10 reasons why we need His forgiveness. The first one is –– well, let me ask you a question. What is the most important thing in your life? Well, you see, you have broken the very first of God’s Ten Commandments. Having anything more important in our lives than God Himself, is a sin.

Let’s look at these great Laws:

• You shall have no other god’s before me.

• You shall not take God’s Name in vain. When we use God’s Name without speaking to Him, it is sin, as is profanity or using His Name as an exclamation.

• You shall have no carved images. These come in many forms: Bass boat, house, car, clothing, job, etc.

• Keep the Sabbath Day to keep it Holy. The first 4 deal with God and our relationship with Him. The next 6 deal with our relationships with others.

• Honor your parents. Respect, care, love.

• You shall not murder. Anger, hatred, sanctity of life.

• You shall not steal. Laziness, character, integrity.

• You shall not commit adultery. Lust, integrity.

• You shall not bear false witness. (Lie) Character, truthfulness, integrity, honesty.

• You shall not covet other’s possessions. Lust, selfishness, no inner happiness.

These are like 10 links of a chain that holds up a chandelier. It only takes one breaking to make the others of no use. According to James 2:10: Whoever keeps the whole law, yet fails in one point, is guilty of all.

Praise God for these guidelines for the Christian life. Praise God for Jesus Christ and our salvation!


Philosoraptor 3 years, 10 months ago

Let us not forget that the Constitution of the United States is based on the Magna Carta, the English Bill of Rights, Mayflower Compact, and the Articles of Confederation. If the framers had the Ten Commandments in mind when they wrote it, you'd think they would have included at least one of the commandments. The constitution does not restrict individuals from having any gods before Jehovah, does not restrict taking god's name in vain, does not observe the sabbath, does not require honoring your parents, it does allow for killing thru declaration of war, does not outlaw adultery, etc. Sounds to me like the Constitution is the exact opposite of the 10 commandments. And thanks to the Constition, I have the freedom to state this opinion. If we were governed by the commandments, I do not believe I would have that right.


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