McGarity Academy honors Sandy Hook with fashion show

McDONOUGH — Children, faculty and parents stood together with faces lifted toward the sky as balloons ascended in honor of the victims at Sandy Hook Elementary following a memorial fashion show.

McGarity Academy sponsored a children’s fashion show Saturday to raise money for classroom panic buttons, and to remind the children to appreciate their lives.

“A lot of those children were around the ages of the children who were participating, and we wanted to let that be something that we give back to them,” said Academy Director Ericka Broadway. “So we felt that we needed to do that, and we also sent a message through balloons for the spirit of the children.”

Broadway said it was an emotional event, but the participants and audience had a great time.

“It was just absolutely wonderful,” Broadway said. “Those children were able to model in their Sunday best along with watching the community helpers who actually modeled there scenery as well, and was a very good example for the children. Then the third scenery that came out was the children again and they all had on their costume in reference to what they wanted to be when they grew up from fire fighters, to police man, to doctors, lawyers, pilots and attorneys. It was absolutely phenomenal.”

Actor Harry Flournoy from Glory Road, who played Mehcad Brooks aside Josh Lucas, also spoke to children about character and their future.

At the end, the participating children received a plaque or trophy because of how hard they practiced over the past nine weeks.

“It was just like they (the children) were sitting on top of the world,” Broadway said. “We deal with a lot of kids who have low self esteem or really not know which direction they’re going, and this really helped bring up self esteem and bring out the characters that are within. They were so excited and now they’re ready for next year’s event.”