Military-style explosive discovered at vacant house

Police: Little cause for alarm

Bomb squads were called to the house to remove the device.

Bomb squads were called to the house to remove the device.

By Kelsey Cochran


STOCKBRIDGE — An Air Force bomb squad was called to an Edna Drive residence about 7 p.m. Thursday after a cleaning crew discovered a World War I explosive device underneath a vacant house, police said. 

Henry County Police Sgt. S. Lyle said authorities were called to the scene in the 300 block of Edna Drive about 4 p.m. after the cleaning crew made the find.

He said the device, which he described as a 75 mm Howitzer shell, was probably a dud because of its age, but still, precautions had to be taken.

The Clayton County Police Department's bomb squad was initially called to the scene, since Henry County does not have its own explosives crew, but the team quickly identified the device and called an explosives squad at Dobbins Air Reserve Base, Lyle said.

"Basically, it was out of Clayton County's area of expertise," the sergeant explained at the scene. "They're required to call the military for anything they find that's military-related."

The Air Force crew was dispatched to the scene and was expected to transport the device to an undisclosed location, where it would be disposed of.