Resurrection filming takes place in McDonough

McDONOUGH — The McDonough Main Street Program announced this week the ABC television series “Resurrection” is being filmed in several locations throughout McDonough through today evening.

The production crew set up a “base of operations” at Parking Deck and the Dunn Street and Hood Street parking lot, which did not affect the Square.

They were taking up some of the parking deck, but not the entire structure. Henry County government offices have been working with the production crews to make sure everything flowed smoothly.

Places where filming took place included:


Location: 114 Jonesboro St. (west of the Square).

• Mostly interior shots with minor exterior establishing shot.

• There was very limited traffic interruption on Jonesboro Street.

• One lane of Lowe Street was used for parking several vehicles.


Location 1: Filming began at the courthouse. Mostly interior filming.

• No traffic control for the Square was required.

• Location 2: Bryan Street (private residence)

• A small generator was placed in the parking lot of 216 Bryan St., hardly noticeable to residents.

• There was very limited traffic interruption.

• Parking on Bryan Street was needed for several vehicles.

Today from 5 a.m. until 9 p.m.

Location 1: Cemetery shoot until noon.

Location 2: Production will move to McDonough Presbyterian Church at noon.

As the city receives more information, it will inform the public. For any questions, contact the Main Street Program Office.