Student body gets bigger in Henry

McDONOUGH — Officials are reporting that student enrollment has climbed beyond expectations in Henry County Schools.

Administrative Services Assistant Superintendent Rodney Bowler counted 40,724 students in just the second day of classes. He said enrollment is 785 children above projections with most of that growth occurring at the secondary level.

“It is across the board,” he said. “It is at all grade levels, middle and high more so than elementary. That’s encouraging, that we’ve got folks coming back to us.”

Bowler said actual enrollment was 38,293 as of July 17. It ballooned the week heading into the new school year, from 39,144 July 30 to 40,724 Aug. 6. He said the final projection was 39,939.

The district has seen fluctuations before in the girth of its student body. Enrollment grew last year by nearly 1,000 students in the first week of class.

Bowler said the district will “provide additional teacher support” in answer to its growing student body.