Stockbridge approves vairance for Krispy Kreme developement

STOCKBRIDGE — Krispy Kreme is coming to Stockbridge — hot glaze and all.

The city of Stockbridge paved the way for Krispy Kreme to open its doors in Stockbridge, after approving a variance that will reduce the required planted buffer between the new facility and land zoned for residential use from 40 feet to 3.5 feet Monday night.

According to city documents, the property is located at the northeast corner of Daniel Drive and Ga. Highway 138. The site was originally developed as a Shoney’s restaurant and is currently unoccupied.

The site is currently developed without a buffer, but the proposed site redevelopment involves the demolition of the existing building and parking lot.

“What Krispy Kreme is trying to do here is tear down the existing building and construct a new building that would be approximately 2500 square feet,” said Michael Hicks with Komisarow Enterprises of Atlanta and representing Krispy Kreme, adding that the new building will have a drive-thru for those in a hurry or want to take doughnuts to church.

Hicks said Krispy Kreme requested the variance because of existing site constraints including:

• An existing inter-parcel access easement of 30 feet located along the northern property line that connects commercial uses from Daniel Drive east to North Henry Boulevard;

• The existing curb cut from Daniel Drive provides access for the adjacent hotel site;

• The existing curb cut on Daniel Drive is constrained by its proximity to the intersection and its alignment with the Taco Bell curb cut on the west side of Daniel Drive and can’t be moved south to accommodate a buffer of 40 feet;

• There is an existing retaining wall along the northern property line that mitigates the grade change between the proposed Krispy Kreme site and adjacent residential property.

Hicks said Krispy Kreme is able to meet all other development standards and will begin construction as soon as the company’s stockholders give Komisarow Enterprises final approval.