Shiloh Baptist to present ‘Purlie’ Sunday

By Jason A. Smith


McDONOUGH — The Jim Crow days of Georgia’s past will be put on display in celebration of Black History Month Sunday.

The Shiloh Players of Shiloh Baptist Church, 262 Macon St., will present a musical titled “Purlie” Sunday at 5:30 p.m.

Church member Daisy Thompson will direct the play, which was written by late actor and playwright Ossie Davis. Thompson said “Purlie” is a humorous play that deals with stereotypes about black people in the Jim Crow era.

She said it tells the story of a preacher named Purlie during the Civil Rights Movement in 1961 Georgia.

“Purlie struggles within himself as a black man not being on an equal level with white society,” said Thompson. “He tries to learn as much as he can, and through his knowledge, he gains the drive to win the church that belongs to his family.”

Thompson is hopeful that the audience will be inspired by the story and how Purlie obtains his dream in the play.

“It makes the audience aware of the need for equality for all people,” she said. “If we examine what the Bible tells us about God not showing partiality, this gives us something to live by.”

Admission is free for the play.