Two officers complete training in Forsyth

By Kathy Jefcoats


FORSYTH — Two Henry County police officers have completed specialized training at the Georgia Public Safety Training Center.

Henry County police Officer Harrison P. Smith completed a basic radar operator course taught at the center. Center Director Timothy Bearden said the course is designed to improve the effectiveness of speed enforcement through the proper and efficient use of police traffic radar speed measurement instruments.

"Training and proactive enforcement will enable law enforcement to have an impact on reducing these speed-related incidents and ultimately saving lives," said Bearden.

McDonough police Patrolman Duane Jones completed a course in advanced traffic law at the center in December. The course is required by the Georgia Peace Officers Standards and Training Council for advanced certification.

Bearden said the course give police officers an overview of the laws in the Georgia Traffic Code pertaining to moving violations and includes updates on rules of the road. The rules encompass laws governing traffic and common driving practices.

Additional topics include drivers’ and vehicle licensing requirements, statewide vehicle safety inspection regulations and emission standards in appropriate counties and factors contributing to accidents and serious offenses that result in significant property damage, injury or loss of life.

Funding for both courses was provided by the Georgia Governor's Office of Highway Safety.