Chris Moore elected Hampton mayor

HAMPTON — Less than 12 percent of Hampton’s registered voters elected Chris Moore the city’s new mayor Tuesday.

Moore defeated Steve Hutchison by nine votes, and only 464 voters appeared at the polls.

Moore, 41, had 236 votes, or 50.86 percent, Hutchinson 227 votes, or 48.92 percent, and there was one write-in vote accounting for .22 percent.


Checker 2 years, 8 months ago

Praise the Lord for Chris Moore's win as the new Mayor of Hampton. Hampton needs new ideas and the good old boy network closedd down and votoed out. Their are councilmen who serve who are behind in thier taxes, and other payments owed to the State. what kind of example does it set for the peopel you serve when your always late paying your property taxes and you owe also to the State Ethics commission. Sort of sounds like many Federal employees who do nto pay their taxes. One council man has never paid. Chris with your leadership, I hope you can bring ethics into Hampton. some on the council of Hampton, think becasue they are life long residents or long time residents that they own the town of Hampton. Citizens of Hampton, that is not ethical. If you live in Hampton and own property or a home and are paying taxes you have a part of Hampton. To take our country back, we need to start at the grass roots level and work up, so for us its cleaning out Hampton, and then we moved up to clean up county, state and federal government and take back our country. Without political connections, how does a man commit vehicular homicide, driving a vehicle not legally inspected for 5 years and not get so much as a ticket. To get my vehicle registered, I have to have it inspected annually or no tag. The voter turn out was pathetic in Hampton. Do not stand back and complain if you do not vote! The government gets its power and authority from the consent of the governed and the governed is you and me, Every vote counts. This break through win for Chris was by 9 votes. Come on Hampton, get involved for the good of our town, not for the sole good of a few. who serve for personal interests and not to serve the people.


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