Details for NGUYEN 8095-1883


STATE OF GEORGIA COUNTY OF HENRY NOTICE OF SALE UNDER POWER Because of a default in the payment of the indebtedness secured by that certain Security Deed, dated November 14, 2008, executed by Hieu Mai Nguyen to MORTGAGE ELECTRONIC REGISTRATION SYSTEMS, INC. as nominee for Maxim Capital, Inc., recorded in Deed Book 11126, Page 307, Henry County, Georgia Deed Records, and securing a Note in the original principal amount of $115,950.00, as modified from time to time, said Security Deed last having been assigned to ARVEST CENTRAL MORTGAGE COMPANY F/K/A CENTRAL MORTGAGE COMPANY, the current holder thereof, has declared the entire amount of said indebtedness evidenced by the Note immediately due and payable and, pursuant to the power of sale contained in said Security Deed, will, on the first Tuesday in July, 2019 to-wit: July 2, 2019, during the legal hours of sale, before the Henry County Courthouse door, sell at public outcry to the highest bidder for cash, the following described real property: All that parcel of land in Henry County, State of Georgia, as more fully described in Deed Book 2215, Page 130, ID# 012801084, being known and designated as Land Lot 41 & 42, 12th District, Lot 85, Spivey Glen Subdivision, Phase 3B, filed in Plat Book 24, Page 188. By Fee Simple Deed from McMillan McDonald Builders, Inc. as set forth in Deed Book 2215, Page 130 dated 12/15/1995 and recorded 12127/1995, Henry County Record., State of Georgia The aforedescribed real property is also known as 709 Stonehenge Pl, Jonesboro, GA 30236, according to the present system of numbering houses in Henry County, Georgia. This sale will be conducted subject (1) to confirmation that the sale is not prohibited under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code and (2) to final confirmation and audit as to the amount and status of the loan with the holder of the Security Deed, including but not limited to, a determination that the borrower has not reinstated the loan prior to the foreclosure sale. The name, address and telephone number of the individual or entity with full authority to negotiate, amend and modify all terms of the Note and Security Deed is Arvest Central Mortgage Company, Attn: Homeowner's Assistance Department, 801 John Barrow Road, Suite 1, Little Rock, AR 72205. The telephone number is 1-800-366-2132, Option 1, ext. 5609. Said real property will be sold subject to any outstanding ad valorem taxes (including taxes which are a lien, but not yet due and payable), the right of redemption of any taxing authority, any matters which might be disclosed by an accurate survey and inspection of the real property, any assessments, liens, encumbrances, zoning ordinances, restrictions, covenants, and matters of record superior to the Security Deed first set out above. To the extent that said real property is comprised of more than one parcel, said real property will be sold in one or more parcels and in such order as the holder of the Security Deed may determine. Upon information and belief, said real property is presently in the possession or control of HIEU MAI NGUYEN and the proceeds of said sale will be applied to the payment of said indebtedness and all the expenses of said sale, including attorney's fees, all as provided in said Security Deed and the excess proceeds, if any, will be distributed as provided by law. ARVEST CENTRAL MORTGAGE COMPANY as Attorney-in-Fact for HIEU MAI NGUYEN Ellis, Painter, Ratterree & Adams LLP 2 East Bryan Street, 10th Floor Savannah, Georgia 31401 (912) 233-9700 THIS LAW FIRM MAY BE ATTEMPTING TO COLLECT A DEBT. ANY INFORMATION OBTAINED WILL BE USED FOR THAT PURPOSE. 950-601157, 6/5,12,19,26