Details for DANIEL 19CV1472BA

IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF HENRY COUNTY STATE OF GEORGIA Civil Action File No: 19CV1472BA In re the Name Change of Child(ren): Daniel Buck Sellars Kayla Harnage Sellars, Petitioner, vs. _______ Respondent, NOTICE OF PETITION TO CHANGE NAME OF A MINOR CHILD(REN) I, Kayla Harnage Sellars filed a petition in the Superior Court of Henry County on May 30, 2019 to change the name(s) of the following minor child(ren) from: Daniel Buck Sellars to Daniel Buck Harnage. Any interested party has the right to appear in this case and file objections within the time prescribed in O.C.G.A. ยง 19-12-1(f)(2) and (3). Signed this 30 day of May, 2019. Kayla Harnage Sellars 312 Conway Ct. McDonough, GA 30252 Sworn to and affirmed before me this 30 day of May 2019. TELISHA MURRAY NOTARY PUBLIC 916-601644, 6/5,12,19,26