Advertisement of Sale STATE OF GEORGIA COUNTY OF HENRY There will be sold at public outcry to the highest bidder and best bidder for cash, between the legal hours of sale, beginning at 10:00 am and continuing to the following day if needed, at the address of 47 Poole Circle, Henry County, Georgia. Said Address being the current location of the below described property, on the first Tuesday in: August the following described property, to-wit: 1984 WEST Manufactured Home ID#GAFL1AD42074894. Personal property will be sold as is and where is. All sales are final. No guarantee is made or implied as to the fitness or merchantability of said property. The above- described property may be viewed and inspected by potential bidders between the hours of 10:00am and 4:00pm at the property sites located at 47 Poole Circle, Ellenwood, GA. Said property found in the possession of AGUILAR PATLAN JESUS ANTONIO, levied on to satisfy the Fi.Fa. in the amount of $480.24, issued in the Superior Court, Henry County, Georgia, levied on as the property of the defendant and Fi.Fa. Notice of levy and sale having been given as provided by law. Beginning bid will be $480.24. Visit the Henry County Tax Commissioner's website at for more information. This the 28th day of June, 2019. Michael Harris, Tax Commissioner Henry County, Georgia 932-605507, 7/10,17,24,31