Details for Grand Jury Presentments April Term 2019

GRAND JURY PRESENTMENTS HENRY COUNTY SUPERIOR COURT APRIL TERM, 2019 The Grand Jury for the April Term, 2019, makes the following presentments: We wish to thank Judge John A. "Trea" Pipkin, III for the informative charge given to this Grand Jury. We wish to commend the District Attorney, Darius Pattillo and his staff, for the expeditious and professional manner in which cases were presented to this Grand Jury. The Grand Jury hereby wishes to commend the law enforcement officers of the Henry County Police and Sheriff's Department and the various city departments, for their professional and efficient presentations to this Grand Jury. We wish to thank Mrs. Barbara A. Harrison, Clerk of Superior Court, and her staff for their assistance. We wish to thank Mrs. Sandra Rogers, Mrs. June Taylor and Mr. Kenneth Hatcher for their assistance as Bailiffs. We recommend that these presentments be published in the Henry Herald, the official organ of Henry County. This 27th day of June, 2019. Respectfully submitted, MARIE WILLINGHAM BEARD, FOREPERSON STEVEN M. TENGRAM, CLERK Received in Open Court, ordered filed and published, as requested. This 27 day of June, 2019. ~s~ JUDGE, SUPERIOR COURT FLINT JUDICIAL CIRCUIT Filed in Open Court, this 27 day of June, 2019. Barbara A. Harrison CLERK OF SUPERIOR COURT HENRY SUPERIOR COURT Cash receipts January 1, 2019 through March 31, 2019 JANUARY....... $149,875.26 FEBRUARY......$154,779.58 MARCH......... $191,312.78 TOTAL .....$495,967.62 GEORGIA, HENRY COUNTY I, Barbara A. Harrison, Clerk of Superior Court of Henry County, do hereby certify that the above listed amounts reflect the total cash received in this office and due and paid to Henry County from January 1, 2019 through March 31, 2019. These amounts, for which official receipts were issued, were for recording of deeds, mortgages, leases, lawsuit fees`, fines and forfeitures, plats and miscellaneous (such as cancellations Xerox copies, etc), As the cash receipts come into the office, deposits are made into the General Fund of Henry County. A deposit slip is maintained in this office and a copy is delivered to County Commissioners' Office. A detailed monthly report is furnished to them as the source of the funds. All records are available for inspection in the Office of the Clerk of Superior Court on the first floor of the courthouse. Your visit and inspection is welcomed. Barbara A. Harrison Clerk of Superior Court We have also collected the following Real Estate Transfer Tax on Warranty Deeds filed for record: JANUARY....... $131,806.10 FEBRUARY......$100,393.30 MARCH......... $162,508.00 TOTAL....$394,707.40 This is prorated, according to the millage rate between several county entities, the Board of Education, municipalities, at the end of each month by this office. These records are audited regularly by the State of Georgia as well as by the county auditiors. Report from Clerk of Superior Court, Henry County, Georgia, April 23, 2019. The Clerk of Superior Court now collects Intangible Tax on security deeds filed for record. The County Tax Commissioner previously collected this. We collected the following: JANUARY....... $327,680.22 FEBRUARY..... $282,694.86 MARCH......... $397,790.06 TOTAL......$1,008,165.14 STATE OF GEORGIA COUNTY OF HENRY COUNTY SUMMARY REPORT INCOME RECEIVED FROM PROBATE COURT FOR 04/01/2019-06/25/2019 MONTH AMOUNT APRIL............ $69,945.40 MAY.............. $61,023.00 JUNE............. $47,604,80 TOTAL:......$178,573.20 THIS 26th DAY OF JUNE, 2019. KELLEY S. POWELL JUDGE OF PROBATE COURT HENRY COUNTY, GEORGIA HENRY COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY'S OFFICE FLINT JUDICIAL CIRCUIT HENRY COUNTY CHILD FATALITY REVIEW PANEL 2018 ANNUALREPORT Pursuant to O.C.G.A 19-15-3, the Henry County Child Fatality Review Panel submits the following annual report for calendar year 2018 for publication in the legal organ of Henry County: The Office of the Coroner submitted 12 child fatality reports to the chairwoman of the Henry County Fatality Review Panel during 2018 for review. During the calendar year of 2018, a total of eight (8) child fatality cases were reviewed by the Henry County Child Fatality Review Panel and were submitted to the Georgia Child Fatality Review Panel in accordance with statutory provisions. Other child fatalities (four cases) did not meet the necessary criteria for review as outlined by O.C.G.A 19-15-3. Pursuant to this same statute, the report is also sent to the Georgia Child Fatality Review Panel and published in the legal organ of Henry County. Respectfully submitted this 1st day of July, 2019 Kiauna Rosemond Chairwoman Henry County Child Fatality Review Panel 912-605480, 7/10