Details for GURLEY 2018-ES-196

IN THE PROBATE COURT OF HENRY COUNTY STATE OF GEORGIA IN RE: ESTATE OF OSCAR LAVERNE GURLEY, Deceased. ESTATE NO.: 2018-ES-196 NOTICE [For Discharge from Office and all Liability] RE: PETITION OF MICHELLE ELLIOTT PYRTLE FOR DISCHARGE FROM THE OFFICE OF PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVE OF THE ESTATE OF OSCAR LAVERNE GURLEY, DECEASED. TO: WHOM IT MAY CONCERN This is to notify you to file objection, if there is any, to the above-referenced Petition, in this Court on or before 10:00 A.M. SEPTEMBER 16, 2019. BE NOTIFIED FURTHER: All objections to the Petition must be in writing, setting forth the grounds of any such objections. All objections shall be verified, that is, signed under oath in the presence of a notary or Georgia Probate Court Clerk and under penalty of perjury, and filing fees must be tendered with your objections, unless you qualify to file as an indigent party. Contact Probate Court personnel for the required amount of filing fees. If any objections are filed, a hearing will be scheduled at a later date. If no objections are filed, the Petition may be granted without a hearing. KELLEY S. POWELL, Judge of the Probate Court BY: Kayla Norris PROBATE CLERK HENRY COUNTY PROBATE COURT 99 Sims Street McDonough, Georgia 30253 (770) 288-7600 927-612320, 9/4