A breakdown of the Rosenbaum trial verdict

Joseph Rosenbaum (right) holds back tears as he and Jennifer Rosenbaum listen to closing arguments in their murder trial July 26. The Rosenbaums were found guilty on numerous counts in the murder and abuse of Laila Daniel and the abuse of Millie Place.

McDONOUGH—Here is a breakdown of the verdict on each of 49 counts in the Jennifer and Joseph Rosenbaum murder trial. 

1Malice murderJenniferNot Guilty
Felony murderJenniferNot Guilty
Aggravated assaultJenniferGuilty
4Felony murderJenniferNot Guilty
Cruelty to children, 1st degreeJennifer Guilty
Felony murderJennifer Guilty
Aggravated batteryJenniferGuilty
Murder, 2nd degreeJosephGuilty
Cruelty to children, 2nd degreeJosephGuilty
10 Aggravated assaultJennifer Guilty 
11 Cruelty to children, 1st degree Jennifer Guilty 
12 Aggravated assaultBothGuilty
13 Cruelty to children, 1st degreeBoth Guilty
14 Aggravated assaultBothGuilty 
15 Cruelty to children, 1st degreeBoth Guilty 
16 Aggravated assaultJennifer Guilty 
17 Cruelty to children, 1st degreeJennifer Guilty
18 Aggravated assaultBothGuilty
19 Cruelty to children, 1st degreeBothGuilty
20 Aggravated assaultJenniferGuilty
21 Cruelty to children, 1st degreeJenniferGuilty
22 Aggravated assaultBothGuilty
23 Cruelty to children, 1st degreeBothGuilty 
24 Aggravated assault JenniferGuilty
25 Cruelty to children, 1st degreeJennifer Guilty
26 Aggravated assault BothGuilty
27 Cruelty to children, 1st degreeBoth Guilty 
28 Aggravated assault Jennifer Guilty 
29 Cruelty to children, 1st degreeJennifer Guilty 
30 Aggravated assault Both Guilty
31 Cruelty to children, 1st degreeBothGuilty 
32 Aggravated assault BothGuilty
33 Cruelty to children, 1st degree Jennifer/JosephGuilty/Not Guilty
34 Cruelty to children, 1st degreeJennifer/JosephGuilty/Not Guilty
35 Aggravated battery Jennifer/JosephGuilty/Not Guilty
36 Aggravated battery  Jennifer/JosephGuilty/Not Guilty
37 Cruelty to children, 1st degreeJennifer/JosephGuilty/Not Guilty
38 Cruelty to children, 1st degreeJennifer/JosephGuilty/Not Guilty
39 Aggravated battery  Jennifer/JosephGuilty/Not Guilty
40 Cruelty to children, 1st degreeJennifer/JosephGuilty/Not Guilty
41 Aggravated battery  Jennifer/JosephGuilty/Not Guilty
42 Cruelty to children, 1st degreeBoth
43 Aggravated battery  Both
44 Aggravated assault Both
45 Cruelty to children, 1st degreeBoth
46 Aggravated assault Both
47 Cruelty to children, 1st degreeBoth 
48 Cruelty to children, 2nd degreeBothGuilty
49 Cruelty to children, 2nd degreeBoth

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