Outback Steakhouse in Stockbridge robbed

Henry County Police are on the hunt for a pair of robbers that burst into the Outback Steakhouse in Stockbridge near closing time July 13. A third person drove the getaway car.

STOCKBRIDGE — It’s a case of no rules, just wrong.

Henry County Police are looking for a group of men who they say held up the Outback Steakhouse off I-75 in Stockbridge on July 13 as customers dined near closing time. No one was injured.

The restaurant is just off Eagles Landing Parkway and I-75 Exit 224 and is in a commercial cul-de-sac that can only be accessed through one small, winding road.

Police say the crew banged on the take-out door. When an employee opened it, two armed, masked men barged in, snatched the tip jar, employees’ cellphones and a cash register, then jumped into a getaway car and headed for I-75.

Police chased the vehicle to the overpass at Walt Stephens near I-675, where the suspects abandoned the car and allegedly fired about five rounds.

K-9 units and Georgia State Patrol troopers joined the search, briefly detaining a man who they later determined was not a suspect.

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