McDONOUGH — You’re never too young to do the right thing, as Beau Sexton found out at Henry County Police Headquarters Friday.

Sexton, 4, found an HCPD challenge coin at a local gas station, according to a post on the department’s Facebook page. Police Chief Mark Amerman explained that he gives out a challenge coin when someone does a great job.

“A young man found one of Chief Amerman’s challenge coins at a local gas station and came by yesterday to return it to him. He also drew a picture and wrote a note that he dropped off with the coin,” the post read. “Chief would really like to meet this young man and thank him for returning his coin. Does anyone know who drew this?”

Posted with the message was Sexton’s accurate crayon rendering of a police badge.

After some sleuthing, HCPD tracked down their man at Cedars Preschool at Locust Grove: “You may be harboring a little dude that’s on our ‘most wanted list’. We’ll call you in the morning :) “

Soon, HCPD announced, “The ‘most wanted’ preschooler responsible for returning Chief’s coin is coming by (Friday) to ‘turn himself in.’”

The Herald was there when Sexton met with the chief, who showed the preschooler around and loaded him up with swag — including a brand-new challenge coin of his very own.

A man of few words but sporting a big grin, Sexton confirmed his identity and age to the Herald, shook hands with the chief, and left with his family, clutching a bulging interoffice envelope as his new friends watched him leave.

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