I was pretty sure I knew what the term pander meant, but I looked it up in my Funk and Wagnalls, anyway. It still means what it did when I first learned the word about 60 years ago. I will save you the trouble of having to look it up yourself. I’m a giver.

Pander. Verb. “To provide gratification for other people’s desires.” Also, “To exploit the weakness of others.”

I watched as much as I could stomach of the two circuses Wednesday and Thursday night and all I could really grasp was 20 desperate people pandering to a narrow cross section of the country, insulting these would-be voters’ intelligence and promising them anything in an effort to buy their votes.

I didn’t hear a word — not a single word — about how any of the candidates would make our country stronger, make our country safer, improve the economy, or make things better for those interested in truth, justice and the American way.

Anyone who will take a serious and thoughtful look at what was said over the two nights would have to agree that the candidates were very short on substance. Even Democrat candidate Kamala Harris said, “Stop, please. Americans don’t want to see a food fight.” We shall see.

Andrew Yang — never to be confused with Georgia statesman Andrew Young — promised a basic income for all Americans of $1,000 a month. A grand a month, just for having been born. No need to work. No need to try and better yourself. Just let your Uncle Same write you a check — for doing nothing. That’s pandering. And keep in mind that our government doesn’t have any money except what it takes by force from her people — those that work and produce. So this guy is going to take money away from us that work and contribute and give it to those who don’t.

As my daddy would say, “That’s bass-ackwards.”

Another basic item of debate was abortion, and every single Democrat was eager to promote the idea that women should have the right to end the life of an unborn child at any point, from conception to birth — or a little after. They call it a woman’s right to choose what she will do with her body. I’m all for that. And women especially have the right to take steps to avoid unwanted pregnancy. That’s way better than killing unwanted children they are carrying in their womb.

Candidate Juan Castro went everybody else one step better and stated that he would extend reproductive rights, in the form of government funded abortions, to male transvestites. I think Juan needs to go back and get a refresher course in High School Biology.

Don’t get mad at me. He said it. You can look it up.

Bernie Sanders was all about attacking American business and corporations, espousing his socialist dream. Bernie Sanders has never had honest work in his life and yet he has a net worth northward of $2.5 million. Every penny of it came from free enterprise. Bernie is a hypocrite, as well as being a kook.

Kamala Harris, of course, couldn’t wait to play the race card — get used to that — targeting Uncle Joe Biden for saying nice things about U.S. Senators who are, in her opinion, racist. Why can’t we just stifle such talk and focus on issues?

The candidates universally berated the idea of enforcing immigration laws, favoring, instead open borders that would bring in millions and millions more illegal immigrants from the south — illegal immigrants who would be, according to the candidates’ admission, eligible for Medicare, food stamps, all social welfare payments, free college tuition and, of course, the right to vote. The assumption, I am sure, is that all the illegal immigrants, past, present and yet to come, would vote for Democrat candidates because, after all, those are the people who are pandering to them. At least one of them spoke in Spanish during his opening statement.

Pardon me, Juan Castro, but this is still the United States of America. Campaign in English, dude, and quit pandering.

So the Democrats came out for crime, open borders, abortion on demand, free food, free housing, free money, free college, free, free, free everything. They completely ignored the fact that over the last two-and-a-half years the American economy has grown stronger than it has been in generations with more manufacturing coming back into the U.S., less energy dependency, a lower unemployment rate and better pay for all minorities than we have seen under the last five presidents combined.

Even that bastion of liberalism, NBC News, recognized what a debacle the debates were for the Democrat candidates when they stated that “The clear winner of the debate was — ready for this? — Donald Trump.


Darrell Huckaby is an author in Rockdale County. Email him at dhuck008@gmail.com.

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