ATLANTA — Georgia gas prices continue to decline at the pump compared to a week ago, according to the auto club AAA.

Georgia motorists are now paying an average price of $2.50 per gallon for regular unleaded, the club said. Monday's state average was 4 cents less than a week ago, 11 cents more than this time last month and 25 cents less than this time last year.

It now costs $37.50 to fill a 15-gallon tank of gasoline. That is $5.10 less than what motorists paid in May of 2018, when pump prices hit their peak of $2.84 per gallon, AAA said. 

"Gas demand is starting to decline, which is typically the case during fall,” said Montrae Waiters, a spokeswoman for AAA. “If demand continues to drop, while stocks decline or hold steady, pump prices will likely continue to stabilize this week.”

The most expensive Georgia metro markets were Atlanta at $2.56 per gallon, Athens at $2.54 and Gainesville at $2.53.

The least expensive Georgia metro markets were Catoosa-Dade-Walker at $2.33 per gallon, Dalton at $2.34 and Augusta-Aiken at $2.35.

The national average price for regular unleaded gasoline was $2.66 per gallon, which asw 1 cent more than a week ago, 9 cents more than a month ago and 25 cents less than a year ago, AAA said.

In its latest weekly report, the Energy Information Administration’s data revealed that gas demand is starting to decline, the club said. For the week ending on Sept. 27, demand moved from 9.34 million barrels per day to 9.13 million, which is the same rate seen at the end of September 2018.

Alongside the drop in demand, gasoline stocks held relatively stable from 230.2 million barrels the previous week to 230 million. The drop in demand, amid stable stock levels, has helped the majority of motorists across the country see pump prices stabilize or decline after spiking a few weeks ago when Saudi Arabia reported that two of its oil facilities were attacked.

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