HAMPTON — The Hampton City Council voted to support turning a portion of West Main Street into a one-way street.

The council voted unanimously in favor of the arrangement, which was chosen over making the road a two-way street. The choices were presented by City Manager Alex Cohilas during Tuesday’s City Council meeting, which featured illustrations of the two separate options.

Cohilas said in a recent public meeting that the two different proposals were laid out and the City Council was able to get feedback from Hampton residents about the different proposals.

The other proposal, which would have involved making the road a two-lane street and adding a sidewalk, apparently did not go over well with Hampton residents and those who live adjacent to the street, primarily due to how close the sidewalk would come to residents’ houses.

The road would have been a 24-foot-wide road, along with a 2-foot-wide curb and gutter and a 5-foot-wide sidewalk.

“We got a lot of obvious negative feedback on that one,” Cohilas said.

The proposal the city went with instead was an 11.5-foot-wide road, a 3-foot-wide bike lane, a 2-foot-wide curb and gutter and a 4-foot-wide sidewalk.

That sidewalk would match existing sidewalks in the Hampton area.

While the council voted in favor of a one-way street, Cohilas said which way the road will flow has not yet been determined.

“We won’t determine which way the traffic flows until we conduct a traffic study,” Cohilas said. “We need to get the construction documents drawn.”

The two Main Streets in Hampton are divided by the railroad that goes through downtown Hampton. East of the railroad is East Main Street, which features a number of stores, Hampton City Hall and the historic Train Depot.

West Main Street is primarily a residential road, but Hampton United Methodist Church is located on that street.

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