The Sew Comfy Ministry at McDonough Presbyterian Church delivers a batch of their pillows to Piedmont Henry Hospital.

STOCKBRIDGE — A group from McDonough Presbyterian Church is working to make post-surgery life a little easier for women.

Sew Comfy creates heart-shaped pillows designed to provide comfort to women who have recently had a mastectomy. The surgery involves removing the whole breast and is often a treatment for breast cancer.

“The pillows are very popular because they provide comfort, as a cushion between the seat belt and a woman’s chest in the car, and also help women at night because post-surgical patients can’t sleep on their side after surgery,” said Venteria Knight, cancer navigator at Piedmont Henry Hospital.

Sew Comfy has been making the pillows since 2013. The group estimates they’ve handmade some 1,400 pillows.

“We receive letters all the time from patients thanking us for making the pillows and for thinking of them during a difficult time in their lives,” said Deborah Brown, group leader. “It’s heart warming to know that women in the area receive these gifts and feel a measure of comfort.”

To learn more about Sew Comfy, visit www.mcdonoughpresbyterian.com.

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