STOCKBRIDGE — Henry County Police are looking for an identity fraud suspect who was wearing a security guard uniform and openly carrying a sidearm when he applied for a $50,000 loan using what police say was a fake ID.

HCPD says the suspect allegedly presented a “fraudulent” Georgia driver’s license at the Navy Federal Credit Union, 113 Ga. Highway 138 W, Stockbridge, on June 5.

Several security camera photos show the man was wearing a short-sleeved, tan uniform shirt with law-enforcement-type shoulder patches, black tactical pants and black combat boots. He appeared to be wearing a large watch or wristband on his left wrist and a holstered pistol was visible on his right hip.

The man also wore rectangular eyeglasses and had low-cut dark hair and a white or gray mustache and beard. The allegedly bogus ID he presented the bank showed his hair, mustache and the goatee area of his beard as salt-and-pepper.

HCPD asks anyone with information about the suspect to contact Detective M. Gleason at or 770-288-8265 or contact Crime Stoppers at 404-577-TIPS (8477).

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