MCDONOUGH — Henry County Schools honored its retirees for the 2018-19 school year at a reception on May 2.

East Lake Elementary was the host for 116 retirees, their guests, and county administrators for the afternoon ceremony.

Superintendent Mary Elizabeth Davis addressed the honored guests, thanking them for their years of service and the positive impact they have had on the school district.

Comments were shared by local and state education association representatives as well as a musical performance by Brock Tarno and presentation of colors by the Union Grove High School NJROTC.

The Human Resource Services Division conducts the event each year to recognize the retiring employees, while they also provide a commemorative gift to mark the occasion.

The retirees are as follows:

Tanya Alexander

Glenda Allen

Mary Anderson

Joyce Atkinson

Pamela Bartlett

Linda Bayer

Theresa Bice

Christie Blount

Deborah Bonner

Sharon Bonner

Calvin Boston

Patricia Ann Boston

Joyce Bradley

Harold Branan

Kay Brown

Willie Brown

Amy Bull

Marilyn Burnham

Regina Burrell

Melanie Burton

Russell Calhoun

Brenda Chapman

Robin Chastain

Diane Chelsey

Sandra Cochran

Alan Coleman

Betty Ann Coleman

Paul Collier, Jr.

Bret Cook

Iris Crayton

Gloristine Davis

Larry Davis

Laura Davis

Penelope Davis

Ann Decker

Marc DeSilva

Ellis Drew

Keith Ellison

Cynthia Fair

Anna Fambrough

Flora Farley

Patricia Farmer

Donna Foster

Connie Frank

Cynthia Fuqua

Regina Garrett

Patricia Glenn

Jerry Gosdin

Terry Hallman

Deborah Halstead

Shirley Hanner

Sharon Harris

Deborah Harrison

Carroll Hawkins

Wendy Hughes

Sandra Hurtte

Sharon Israel

Beverly Jackson

Richard Jacoby

Scott John

Patricia Joiner

Leslie Kasper

Ashley Kay

Patricia Kimbel

Jeffrey Lambeth

Nancy McCarley

Karine McClung

Laura McKee

Donna McKie

Mary Miller

Carla Moye

Annette Nash

Amanda Neff

Sara Neville

Jacky Newman

Vicky Pabon

Laura Patrick

Elizabeth Phillips

Anthony Pickett

Mary Pratt-Cotter

Rita Prescott

Debra Robinson

Janet Roper

Beverly Rose

Sherri Santos

Kathy Saucier

Gary Shadden

Rosalind Sherrill-Fells

Walter Shields

Lauren Shook

Sharon Smith

Michelle St. Claire

Kathy Staples

Susan Stewart

Darlene Suttles-Davis

Clarissa Thomas

Dorothy Thompson

Kathy Thompson

Debbie Towson

Phyllis Truka

Vonda Turner

Judy Upchurch

Laura Varrichio

Donna Watkins

Ann Webber

Beverly Williams

Judy Winkles

Ann Woodward

Kathryn Coley

Tysene Hayes

Yvette Quick

Tom Woolbright

Samuel Coley

Marty Hayward

Elizabeth Richardson

Joan Wrye

Education reporter Heather Middleton joined the for the Clayton News and Henry Herald in 2002.

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