Rosenbaum Verdict

Laila Marie Daniel died Nov. 17, 2015 while in the care of foster parents Joseph and Jennifer Rosenbaum. A jury found the Rosenbaums guilty in her murder and abuse, as well as in the abuse of her sister, Millie Place. The jury returned several not guilty verdicts among the 49 charges August 1. Jennifer Rosenbaum was sentenced to life plus 40 years; Joseph Rosenbaum was sentenced to 50 years, with 30 to serve and 20 on probation.

MCDONOUGH — Shortly after a jury found Jennifer and Joseph Rosenbaum guilty in the murder and abuse of foster child Laila Daniel and the abuse of her sister, Millie Place, Henry County Superior Court Judge Brian J. Amero sentenced Jennifer to life in prison plus 40 years to serve and Joseph to 50 years in prison with 30 to serve and 20 on probation.

The jury found as follows:

Guilty: Counts 3, 5-31, 42-49.

Not Guilty: Counts 1-2

Split: On Counts 32-41, Jennifer Rosenbaum was found guilty, while Joseph Rosenbaum was found not guilty.

Amero called the case "one of the most horrible crimes and outcomes anyone would ever dream of."

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