LOCUST GROVE – The Locust Grove City Council held a hearing for its proposed budget at its Monday evening meeting.

The budget includes $8,301,570 for the city’s general fund and $16,471,510 for enterprise funds.

Much of the city’s general fund is spent in the city’s public safety departments, including the city’s Police Department and its courts.

A total of $2,604,600 is spent on public safety; $2,437,730 is spent on street maintenance and $1,747,450 is spent on administration, which according to city documents, also serves as administration of most of the city’s enterprise funds.

The general fund budget is mostly funded with a variety of taxes and user fees, which do not include property taxes. According to the budgetary documents, there are no property taxes proposed in the 2020 budget for Locust Grove.

The taxes that fund the general fund budget include local option sales taxes, franchise fees and alcohol taxes.

In total, the general fund takes in $3,557,750 from tax revenue, while a total of $2,074,500 comes from fines and fees.

According to city documents, the proposed budget will support “a year of mobility, efficiency, transparency and opportunity” for the city, including capital projects such as signalized intersections, turning lanes, the paving of existing streets and the expansion of existing streets.

“Part of this effort is to expedite the new Industrial Interchange near Bethlehem Road and I-75 to benefit all of southern Henry County, including McDonough, parts of Ola and Luella,” the documents state.

In addition, the city is pledging the streamlining of its customer services, including online permitting and plan review, three new websites, including an economic development website.

While the city held a public hearing to give the public an opportunity to have their say on the budget, there were no speakers at Monday’s hearing.

The Locust Grove City Council is scheduled to vote on adopting the budget at its meeting Dec. 16.

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