Sabiang Thai Restaurant, located on Ga. Highway 42 North in McDonough, has failed two health inspections in a month — with a 59 on Jan. 28 and a 51 on Feb. 11.

McDONOUGH – A Thai restaurant in McDonough has failed two health inspections in less than 30 days, with the follow-up inspection being graded lower than the initial one.

Sabiang Thai Restaurant, located at 2054 Ga. Highway 42 North in McDonough, failed a routine health inspection with a 59 on Jan. 28. The follow-up inspection, conducted Feb. 11, also failed with a 51. Both scores are listed as “U,” or “unsatisfactory,” on the state’s grading scale.

According to regulations from the Georgia Department of Public Health, a food service establishment that scores a “U” on a routine inspection and receives another one in the follow-up inspection “may be requested to voluntarily close until all violations are corrected or have its food service permit suspended or revoked.”

In the Jan. 28 inspection, the health inspector found 18 violations, including an employee entering “the kitchen area from out in dining area and goes straight to food and equipment without washing hands,” octopus meat “present in a Ziploc ROP package in the freezer with other sushi products” when the person in charge said the octopus meat was personal, no soap at the hand sink in the kitchen, a cardboard box “used for raw chicken is being used to bread and sift raw chicken,” and numerous food items in a freezer “that are not stored in a sanitary manner.”

Specifically, the report stated that products were mixed together, increasing potential allergy issues, and boxes and bags of foods were frozen “into each other” due to excessive ice build-up in the freezer.

In addition, the restaurant was unable to verify an “approved source for fish products served at the sushi bar” and did not have “available invoices or letters from suppliers to verify proper methods for parasite destruction for raw fish served in the ready to eat form.”

By state regulations, the restaurant was required to be re-inspected within 10 days. When it was reinspected Feb. 11, the inspector found 12 violations.

Included in those violations were employees not washing hands when required, and, according to the follow-up report, handled “raw shelled eggs and then clean equipment while wearing the same gloves,” handling “par cooked chicken and raw beef with glove hands then touches ready to eat items.”

In addition, the restaurant still did not have “available letters from suppliers to verify proper methods for parasite destruction for raw fish served in the ready to eat form,” and the invoices on hand did not have any information either.

Also, the “same tong” was used to grab raw chicken, raw beef and then cooked shrimp from the make table.

“This procedure may only be used if the facility has the ability to verify that the products all reach the minimum cooking temperatures for chicken,” the report stated.

The sushi menu also stated that “mixed fish” was present in the Rainbow Roll. According to state regulations, the fish must be identified. Escolar and tilapia were present in the sushi freezer but were not directly labeled on the menu.

In addition, there were no written procedures detailing the preparation and storage of food after the initial heating prior to cooking for sale or service, and no plans had been approved by the health authority.

“Some portions of chicken is white in color and other portions are pink and uncooked. Based on conversation with the (person in charge,) items are partially cooked.”

A follow-up inspection will be conducted on the restaurant, and must be conducted within 10 days.

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