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John Bednarowski, MDJ’s esteemed sports editor, had a poignant piece recently about the ending of another high school football season here in Cobb County. While we have produced and continue to produce some outstanding individuals who will go on to play college football and a few perhaps who may make it to the professional level, many will take their jersey off for the last time. Bednarowski calls them “the glue,” the ones who make the others look good. Amen to that. I am the father of a former high school lineman and came to appreciate that the best quarterback on the planet can’t throw a football while sitting on his wazoo. Somebody has got to block. A lineman will make 30 or more blocks in a game, but if the poor guy commits one mistake while doing so, he gets identified publicly and everybody groans. It is usually the only time grunts get public recognition. Unfair.