Hampton High’s Brett Campbell embraces new lineup position, role on team (copy)

Brett Campbell’s a senior this year and he’s looking forward to working with the team and embracing the other seniors around him.

HAMPTON — He’s a social media craze in his own right and he’s also an outfielder but in the end he’s just Brett Campbell.

The Hampton Hornets baseball program comes into this season with several things on their plate: new players, and the same goals with a constant name in Campbell.

Ther’s an old joke about how many coaches place their worst players in the outfield, but it’s known that to play in the outfield, you must have speed. He’s got plenty of it but also believes outfield is a tough position to play.

“To play the outfield is really hard honestly,” Campbell said. “You gotta know how to read the ball because you’re looking at it from one angle but from the side it’s easy. From one angle, you can’t tell if the ball is going over your head or to the left or right and the ball could curve. The speed definitely helps just getting to the ball and getting the ball in quicker can make a double into a single.”

It took a few years, but Hampton made its first state tournament appearance in 2019 but what’s next for the Hornets and even Campbell is a question that must be answered.

Campbell’s got an answer.

“I’m just focused on the season,” Campbell said casually. “I’m just trying to get Hampton back to the playoffs like we did last year and trying to go deeper this year.”

It’s known, he’s one of the top recruits at Hampton High right now. He’s aware of it but doesn’t approach his recruitment like he’s the greatest thing walking. He’s humble to it all.

“I’m just one foot in front of the other,” Campbell said. “Recruitment is all-important but the Hampton baseball season has started and I’ve already been on a couple of visits but I’m just excited for Hampton, excited for what talent we got and I want to see what we can do with it this year.”

The Hornets face their same Region 4-AAAA teams this year and the competition knows who is coming back. Campbell believes that the competitors from Eastside and Woodward Academy are good teams, but he also believes the Hornets aren’t that far behind him.

“I think we got a shot at trying to steal one or two games away from them this year,” Campbell said confidently. “Just like I said, we have a lot of talent and we’ll see if we can steal some games.”

He’s also a prankster on Twitter. He joked about a blown call where he was supposed to check his swing but, it wound up working out. That time.

Oops Coach- check swing? ha

sure glad I was safe pic.twitter.com/QI8AcD1gCE

— BrettCampbellBaseball2020 (@CampbellBB2020) January 28, 2020“I can’t really remember that game, but I think coach gave me a sign and I didn’t really know what it was,” Campbell said. “Surprisingly I got safe. But that’s usually not the outcome these days but it was a good laugh for the team.”

Finally, the last thing Campbell was sure to mention was the senior leadership at Hampton High School. Simply put, there are leaders all over the team.

“This is probably one of the best senior classes I’ve seen, in my personal opinion,” Campbell said. “We just love the game; we want people to get better and sometimes we’ve gotta be adults and cut out the childish stuff. We’ve got a great group of seniors and I love them in the end.”

Look for Campbell’s antics this season with the Hampton Hornets.

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