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Amaya Harris has excelled on the field for Dutchtown in the past few seasons but she’s grown each season.

HAMPTON — Committed to Middle Tennessee, Dutchtown shortstop Amaya Harris, approached the game against Woodland with complete confidence.

Harris’ background in softball began at the age of eight which followed her baseball background at the age of three. Harris has not always played shortstop, she was also a catcher. The change in position came when Harris felt shortstop was meant for her.

“Catching is a leader roll but so is shortstop,” Harris said.

“I like being able to have the range to get the balls and it just feels like my home position.”

Adjusting to different practices with the Lady Bulldog’s new head coach, Brandon Carter was not a difficult task for Harris. Training started in the summer with light workouts, and with Carter’s passion for the importance of defense, Harris was set up for a great season.

Harris made a few errors in the game against Woodland last week but how she handled those errors stood out easily. Bouncing back from mistakes is an action that Harris had to practice over time.

“When you make mistakes, you can’t dwell on it,” Harris said. “Just let it go and think about the next play.”

Although Harris felt down about how she was hitting in the beginning of the game, she kept pushing.

Harris’s shaky performance transitioned to concrete execution as the game went on. Approaching her final at-bat, Harris hit a homerun which earned a run for the Lady Bulldogs.

Coach Carter had a few words to say about her game that night but believed she made up for it at the end.

“Amaya’s always solid defensively making a lot of plays to keep us in the game,” Carter said. “Her first couple of at-bats, I think she was kind of pressing just a little, but the last one she made up for it.”

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