Dutchtown may have won this past weekend but they’re still sitting firmly second in the Henry Herald power rankings.

McDONOUGH — Four weeks have passed in the football season but the Henry Herald Power Rankings have officially updated for all 12 schools in the county.

But there were quite a few changes from when the first rankings were released over the summer time. The preseason rankings can be seen below.

According to the new rankings, the ELCA Chargers did not move, partly due to the fact that the program has 49 points per game averaged through three games. The Dutchtown Bulldogs remained seated in the second-place position with Stockbridge holding station at third.

But the rest of the ranking board made huge changes with Locust Grove tumbling to the bottom of the board. Check out the newly updated Henry Herald rankings below.

Preseason Power Rankings

No. Preseason Rank
2 Dutchtown
3 Stockbridge
4 Strong Rock
5 Locust Grove
6 McDonough
7 Union Grove
8 Hampton
9 Luella
10 Woodland
11 Eagle's Landing
12 Ola

Week Four Power Rankings

No. Team Power Rank Score Aggregate Movement
1 ELCA 1.57 -
2 Dutchtown 2.71 -
3 Stockbridge 3.57 -
4 Union Grove 4.14 +3
5 Ola 4.86 +7
6 Woodland 7.43 +4
7 McDonough 8.00 -1
8 Strong Rock 8.14 -4
9 Hampton 8.71 -1
10 Eagle's Landing 8.86 +1
11 Luella 9.57 -2
12 Locust Grove 10.00 -7

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