Coaches enjoyed their first chance at athletes taking the field for Girls Flag Football.

McDONOUGH — A few days removed from the Girls Flag Football Jamboree this past week many of the coaches took time to discuss how exciting it was for the community.

From the top of Henry County athletics down to the teams themselves. Flag football coordinator Clint Satterfield explained the differences of flag football and traditional football seen on Friday nights in Henry County.

“There’s no contact,” Satterfield said. “That’s the number one thing. You still have to be able to run, throw and catch but the number of players on the field is different. There are seven on the field as opposed to 11 and the motion penalties are different as well.”

Ola head coach Dan Stowers, who also coached youth football and varsity lacrosse says that fundamentals of flag football is the same as traditional football.

“We’re going to see how the games play out but we were pleasantly surprised with the amount of girls we had come out and weren’t afraid to try something new,” Stowers said. “They weren’t afraid to work hard and they’re ready to go out and have fun. It filled the void, some schools were concered they weren’t going to get enough to start a team but we had more than enough. We think it’s going to draw interest and it puts the schools in Henry County and few schools in this state playing this year ahead.”

Catching up with Woodland High coach Treasure Johnson believes it’s a good thing for the girls in Henry County.

“Especially for the ones don’t get a chance to really play a sport,” Johnson said. “It kind of changes the culture here a bit and makes it more inclusive. So I think that’s a good thing. Shout out to the Atlanta Falcons for giving us this grant.”

Dutchtown head coach Lamar Harris says that he wants the girls to have fun in the sport he loves, which is football.

“I think flag football is growing and girls want to get involved so we want to see the sport grow,” Harris said. “This is the sport I love so I’m hoping they learn to love it too.”

Many of the coaches shared excitement but Christopher Chow of Eagle’s Landing was happy to see every school carry the sport.

“We had every school out there, you have parents showing up for their kids and this has a future. This can really grow,” Chow said. “I saw some of our students come out and support some of their teammates and they’re going to talk about it at school and we’re going to get a following.”

Check out the video for more quotes from Luella, McDonough and Union Grove.

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The flag football season continues Monday in Henry County at Hampton High School, McDonough High School and Luella High School starting at 6 p.m.

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