Dominant Dutchtown shuts out Woodland to remain undefeated (copy)

Dutchtown’s Nate McCollum is looking to return as a true game-changer in his final year of work at Dutchtown High.

HAMPTON — He was considered a wildcard last year when he transferred in but as the season wore on, Nate McCollum became more of a threat and teams had to begin to game plan against him.

Fast forward to 2019 and that threat is back but he has some goals he wants to achieve by the time the season ends. Among those goals, he wants to finish stronger than last year and hold nothing back for the Dutchtown Bulldogs.

The other goal is simple: Just win a state championship.

McCollum admits that this season the Bulldogs are hungry. From the first-year players up to the senior class, everyone wants to propel Dutchtown to the next level.

”The whole team is hungry,” McCollum said. “Even the kids that are on their first year with us. Mainly because that’s the type of players that we are, and the coaching staff that makes us. We want everybody to fear us as soon as we step on the field.”

From the quarterback to the defense, everything for Dutchtown has just oozed the ability and talent that they need to meet their goals. It’s all going to start with the quarterback to wide receiver connection that began this time last year.

“Arendez (Fedd) and I stay on the same page by always communicating,” McCollum said. “If we make a mistake, right after that play is over we always figure out how to get back on the same page.”

One of the biggest stories over the offseason has been McCollum’s commitment to North Carolina State. But where many players call it quits for the season and put forth just enough effort to keep their choice school, McCollum doesn’t want to leave it there.

“I feel I have much to prove and have a job,” McCollum said. “My job is to bring back a state title and be a game-changer at all cost.”

Balancing his goals and what he wants to accomplish in 2019 might be a little difficult to do. If it weren’t for the fact that McCollum already knows how he is going to do so.

“I will always stick to the game plan,” he said. “I’ll still be that game-changer that can give that extra push to the win.”

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