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Chandler Durham looks toward the future with Ola in his final season of work.

McDONOUGH — There’s nothing more important to an offense than the folks who do a ton of work up front for little fanfare or appreciation.

But maybe that is OK because, when all is said and done, they’re the reason why running backs go for huge gains on the field. One of those players happens to be Chandler Durham of Ola High School.

Durham has been on the offensive line for the Mustangs and has seen some extra looks due to the sheer size he possesses. Add to the fact that he’s blocking for a talented running back and quarterback and Durham is expected to have a big season for the Mustangs.

The offseason has been progressing well for Durham, but for the athlete, learning is important.

“I have learned that doing a lot of work just pushes me to be a better player,” Durham said. “I expected the run game from Day 1 and nothing more.”

The 2020 athlete entered the offseason with a goal in mind: improve his physicality and strength in the weight room. Those are two things that linemen need for the season, and a left tackle with size to block is important.

But he’s also looking forward to improving one more thing: footwork in the run and pass game. But he doesn’t want to forget the struggles the Mustangs felt in 2018.

“Last year was a very tough year for us,” Durham said, “but I think we will definitely bounce back as a team. We have a different vibe of leadership going around the team.”

As with a number of other seniors in the county, Durham is also looking for college offers. Those offers have come from up to 18 schools, but there may be a chance for more in 2019.

“College recruiting is going good,” Durham said of his recruiting path. “I have 18 offers, and I’m starting to narrow down to some final schools. I also feel more offers will come in within the season.”

How things shake out for the Mustangs this year will probably start out from the offensive line and center around the left side.

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