Cade Powell

Locust Grove running back Cade Powell wants to play in college but don’t let it fool you on Friday nights. He’s one of those athletes who have no offers on the table to play in college.

LOCUST GROVE — Success can be measured in many different ways for high school athletes, from championships to a future playing the sport they love in college, it’s always there.

But the road is often blurry and athletes have to cross the path unsure of their futures. Locust Grove senior Cade Powell is just one those many young athletes looking to reach that next step in their playing career but it’s just a clouded future full of uncertainty and doubt for many reasons.

Powell has been hindered by an injury this season but he’s still hoping to reach that next level in his career. It’s something that many players take to social media and mention every week, but for Powell, he’s kept his recruitment journey silent. He takes the field knowing others are getting those chances and opportunities to play in college and often lines up against them on the field.

But how does he continually keep going out there and putting it all on the line for that chance? Simple answers are what Powell thrives at.

“Keep my faith to the Lord,” Powell said. “And trust the process.”

If there were offers for him, Powell would probably have committed already. But that’s not the case, he says that opportunity is holding him back.

But the work he continues to put into football is probably one of the best things he can do at this point. When he thinks about how he can get to that next level and attract those offers, all he wants to do is continue to progress.

“I will continue to progress and keep doing what I’ve been doing,” Powell said. “Put in relentless work.”

He’s always worked hard to do more, even beyond the team workouts. But maybe the breakthrough will come for Powell. Over three seasons, Powell has rushed for 1,254 yards and seven touchdowns.

It’s also worth mentioning that he’s played baseball too for Locust Grove making him a two sport athlete.

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