Brooke McCubbin and Skylar Elkins chat but they're through the first game of the series against South Effingham.

LOCUST GROVE - The first round of state tournament softball is officially underway this week but when it comes down to offense, things were not what they seemed out to be at Locust Grove.

For fans who have bad nerves, nothing was more worrisome to see on the field than Locust Grove struggling in the latter half of the game. Errors played a huge part in the 4-3 game though.

A once 2-0 lead devolved into Locust Grove trailing 3-2 but it was far from over. A late comeback from the Lady Wildcats saved their post season run as Kelly Kight scored on a Haleigh Henry hit.

The Lady Wildcats were always a team that started fast and produced quick results against opponents but when Brooke McCubbin knocked the South Effingham Lady Mustangs out in order, the offense was slow to come.

Balls that usually found gaps didn't drop like normal and the offensive output was seemingly limited for the Lady Wildcats.

For three innings, it was all about pitching and was something that junior Brooke McCubbin was up to the task of handling. But the offense finally came in the fourth inning. Bella Morton reached first base safely and got into a scoring position but Skylar Elkins had other ideas in mind.

Elkins has hit homeruns this season but this one jumped off the bat and left everyone on the field watching it fly.

But again, outside of some hits from Katie Parker in the fifth inning, the basepaths fell pretty silent for the Lady Wildcats who were facing South Effingham for the first time in school history.

It took the sixth inning for South Effingham to get on the board but only three hits to do it. First a lead off single caught Locust Grove flat-footed, then a second hit between the gap from first and second plated the first runner.

While Locust Grove searched to stop the play, the runner rounded to third and got into scoring position of the 2-1 game.

A simple hit to a diving Tagen Levao allowed the Lady Mustangs a chance to score but that's when things went from 2-2 to 3-2. South Effingham scored on an error but that wouldn't be the end of the road for Locust Grove.

In the bottom of the sixth inning, Locust Grove scored two runs in the bottom of the sixth inning.

Elkins tagged her second homerun of the game and Kight scored later in the inning on a Henry hit ending the first game of the series against South Effingham 4-3.

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