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Porsha Davis (No.25) stands with Angie Forbes (No. 11) after the victory over Woodland High School.

McDONOUGH — McDonough High took quite a while to score but when they did, it was on the legs of Angie Forbes who streaked down the field behind the set up of Porsha Davis.

It was a thing of beauty for head coach JT Thomas to witness.

“I told Porsha to hit the hole whether she’s got the ball or not because it sets up the other stuff we have,” Thomas said. “She finally did it, she hit the hole and the defense collapsed on her and left Angie wide open down the sideline. It was pretty.”

But it wasn’t just the fact that they scored a touchdown that helped. It was the first regular season touchdown of the season between the two programs and for Thomas.

“We’re trying to establish a brand,” Thomas said after the win.

“It’s a lot of good things going on over here at the school and we just want to add more to that. More wins that come our way, the easier things get for us at times. We just got to put in the time to get the wins.”

Thomas is not new to this style of sport, he’s coached the Lady Hawkettes Lacrosse team to the state tournament and he’s had some experience coaching football but the difference lies with how they’re able to turn the speed on and get around the field.

“For us lacrosse coaches who used to coach football, we get to relive a couple of those days also,” Thomas said. “That helps out, it’s a little bit of fun and has a little bit of spice to it.”

The Warhawks weren’t the only team who picked up a victory over the Monday night action.

Locust Grove also swept through their opponents, winning over Union Grove 18-6 and Hampton High School 12-0.

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