Stockbridge, Union Grove and Ola have multiple scenarios that will have to play out this week as the state playoffs loom.

McDONOUGH — When it comes down to the local programs and what’s next for the state playoffs, Region 4-AAAAA is in one of the most precarious positions to date with close to four different scenarios.

Before writing this, we consulted with Region 4-AAAAA’s secretary and Ola High head coach Jared Zito about the possible scenarios that the community could see Friday. A calculator wouldn’t been needed for this years’ seeding.

“There’s nothing to do with points allowed,” Zito said. “If we had a three-way tie but all three were in the playoffs and guaranteed but not sure of the seeding then it goes to a couple of things we outlined in the region meeting four years ago.”

This time around, teams are not locked into the playoffs and the points allowed ruling, or any other won’t come into play but the scenarios between Stockbridge, Union Grove and Ola will still be plentiful.

Entering this week, Stockbridge is the No. 3 seeded team with Ola in fourth and Union Grove at the No. 5 spot.

The first scenario is simple. Stockbridge would have to win over Jones County to leave the standings intact and remain the No. 3 seed while Union Grove would have to lose and leave Ola as the No. 4 seed. Union Grove would be eliminated.

The second scenario for the state playoffs would see Ola in, if they were to lose. Union Grove would have to win which pushes Stockbridge in as the No. 3 if they win, Union Grove would be the No. 4 seed in the event of this scenarios start. However, this can also go inversely.

If Stockbridge were to lose in this scenario and Union Grove wins while the Mustangs lose, the seeding for third would go to Union Grove while Stockbridge drops to fourth.

The third scenario that could happen this weekend comes into play if the Mustangs win, there is a three-way tie depending on if Union Grove wins or Stockbridge loses.

Ultimately, the final scenario features a three-way tie. In the event that Stockbridge loses this weekend and both Union Grove and Ola win all teams involved would have the same record.

The tie-breaker this time would be a mini-game that would take place Monday after the regular season game to decide who is in or out.

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