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Kam Troutman has no offers this year, but that’s not stopping him or defining him as a player.

McDONOUGH — In a year where it’s been peculiar, Eagle’s Landing High athlete Kam Troutman has been a bright spot on the field, however he’s still searching for a college home.

Troutman has done well this season for the Golden Eagles in his first year but it’s still known that he doesn’t have offers at this point of the season. Troutman has been all over the field for Eagle’s Landing as well.

According to the teams’ MaxPreps account Troutman has thrown the ball, rushed the ball and caught the ball. But don’t let him not having offers fool you, he doesn’t want to be defined by not having those offers.

It’s something that even his head coach Shawn Jones says is an exceptional talent that’s being overlooked.

Instead, he’s going to continue to work hard and not take a shortcut in anything he does.

When the offers begin to roll in, expect Troutman to make a well-informed decision. But expect him to also go with the team that shows him love.

“Whoever offers and shows the most love and makes me feel at home,” Troutman said about when he’d commit.

As the recruiting of other players continues around Troutman, frustration could always pop up but not for Troutman. He’s just focused on what he can do. Nothing more, nothing less.

“I don’t really focus on the next person and their offers,” Troutman said.

“I just focus on myself and bettering my craft. My time will come.”

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