Chris Davis and the Lady Wildcats are taking part in the silent softball pledge with Ola High this week.

LOCUST GROVE - Tuesday evening, the first inning of play between Ola High and Locust Grove will be silent for a purpose.

"Our hope is we can bring awareness to an issue that is impacting young people," Locust Grove head coach Chris Davis said.

Allatoona head softball coach Tony Pirkle pinned the tweet to the Allatoona High softball program Twitter earlier this year.

Titled with the hashtag silentsoftball, the initiative was done over the summer across the county with the purpose of increasing awareness regarding youth mental health in softball.

All teams were encouraged to participate in the program beginning this week Sept. 9-14 to honor that youth sports belong to the kids who play the game.

Parents are asked to be completely silent throughout the first inning of play. 

The Health and Wellness Consortium is open to all the purpose of the pledge came from the growing concern of mounting pressure athletes feel regarding perfectionism, anxiety, depression and teen suicide which impacts the entire community.

To take the pledge online, visit: and read about the pledge.

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