McDONOUGH - The Union Grove Wolverines faced off against the undefeated Stockbridge Tigers Friday night but the records didn't matter as Union Grove upset one of the top programs in region.

“Stockbridge in the last 12 to 15 years or so have had a really good program," Union Grove head coach Chad Frazier said. "They were top 10 in the final 14 a year ago so we know what they’re capable of.”

In expectations for a good game, Coach Frazier went into detail about the Wolverines preparation against the Stockbridge Tigers.

“We have done lot of training all season in the weight room, summer workouts and everything,” Frazier said. “I feel like our strength, conditioning, and endurance have really improved. We are a little bigger, a little faster and a little stronger.”

In knowing that the Tigers are a big physical bunch, the Wolverines have trained hard on a physical level starting with a good week of practice. Frazier has seen consistency on the offense and defensive side of the ball as they followed through with their assignments.

“Defensively, the guys are putting their eyes in the right place, we call that eye discipline," Frazier said. "They’ve been consistent all week. Offensively, linemen, running backs, and receivers know their blocking assignments and are able to execute them.”

Though Frazier is confident in his players, he was keeping watch of some of the players from Stockbridge but understood how their strong defense fueled his team.

In the first quarter of the game both teams experienced a tug-of-war situation because both teams possessed a tight defensive line. With a quick decision-making quarterback in Michael Reese helping the offense gain yards, the Wolverines were set up for a drive to the endzone.

The struggle to get movement came to a fast close as the Wolverines earned a touchdown with a little over seven minutes in the second quarter.

Although the Tigers gained a touchdown, when it was time for them to kick, Union Grove’s running back/cornerback Dechavion Williams was there to block.

“Stockbridge’s quarterback is a very good ball player. He’s a threat with the ball in his hands,” Frazier said. “Of course, they have good running backs and two really good receivers. Any of their five guys on the field at any time are a threat to take it all the way.”

With three minutes left in the fourth quarter, The Tigers fumbled the ball and the Wolverines took it into the end zone for what would be the eventual game winning touchdown.

Up 25-20, the Wolverines defense held on to seal the victory as the last minute effort from Stockbridge fell short Friday night.

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