HAMPTON — Upsets are bound to happen in football and around Henry County, that much was true once more as Jones County pulled off a run of the ages for the win Friday night against Dutchtown.

Arguably one of the most anticipated matchups of the season Friday night featured Jones County and Dutchtown High, but the outcome was blurry until the fourth quarter.

Each quarter lasts 12 minutes, but the Bulldogs controlled a lot of the first quarter clock. A solid opening drive for 62 yards featured many different moving parts.

Arendez Fedd found his players in space a few times, but there was another key component on the field in the first quarter. Nate McCollum drew a few eyes while the run game found solid open-field space.

Eventually, the Bulldogs reached the red zone and Fedd found Gerrod Nicholson for the five-yard score.

Jones County’s drive after the score started out good, until they had penalties that sidetracked the program. It wasn’t just that drive though; their second drive after stopping the Bulldog offense was also interrupted by a player down field and ultimately ended that drive.

The Bulldog defense did everything they needed to capitalize on the mistakes too. Pressure was a big part of every pass attempt Jones County tried as the Bulldogs just continued to bare down on their foe.

After the Bulldogs ran the time out of the first quarter in scoring position, it was a given that McCollum would find the endzone.

But the first chink in the armor appeared in the second quarter. The second timeout of the game was used when Jones County was forced to punt as a player was slow to get off the field.

On the other end of it all, the team’s crack formed. Once the punt got off, the Bulldogs were in position for the fair catch, but it dropped to the turf and Dutchtown didn’t recover it.

With just 11 yards to go to reach pay dirt, Jones County cashed in. Hunter Costlow just threw a perfect screen to Maleek Wooten and the Greyhounds were on the board.

Later in the second quarter, Jones County found the endzone again. After starting on the 20-yard line following the touchback from Ki’Mari Underwood’s punt, the defense was out of sync.

Dutchtown allowed Jones County to drive down the field for a tying score but the Bulldogs weren’t done with the Greyhounds.

After pinning the Greyhounds on their own side of the field. Dutchtown’s defense struck and the Bulldogs picked up a safety that ultimately were the last points of the night.

Dutchtown held the 16-14 lead into halftime but there was no way this game was over.

In the second half, Dutchtown came out of the locker room flat.

The Greyhounds had possession and only needed one minute to drive down the field for Costlow to hit Wooten again for another touchdown score on the night.

The Bulldogs offensively looked out of sorts in their first drive and gave a very tough Jones County offense the ball back when the team failed to answer the score.

The saving grace of the drive was the Greyhound kicker Evan West missing a 53-yard field goal attempt. But the Bulldogs almost gave up a 35-yard touchdown rush that was fortunately called back to set up the missed field goal.

However, where the Bulldogs failed at was the fourth quarter. Jones County’s Costlow blasted a touchdown to the endzone and silenced the Bulldog fans and team Friday night.

Box Score

DHS 7 9 6 0

JHS 0 14 7 6

First Quarter

DHS: Fedd 5 pass Nicholson (Underwood PAT, 7-0, 8:28)

Second Quarter

DHS: McCollum 1 rush (Underwood PAT, 14-0, 11:55)

JHS: Costlow 11 pass Wooten (West PAT, 14-7, 10:06)

JHS: Costlow 19 pass Wooten (West PAT, 14-14, 5:12)

DHS: Team Safety (16-14, 2:09)

Third Quarter

JHS: Costlow 18 pass Wooten (West PAT, 21-16, 11:00)

DHS: Fedd 6 pass Bryant (Try Fail, 22-21, 2:24)

Fourth Quarter

JHS: Costlow 20 pass Robertson (Try Fail, 27-22, 6:40)

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