What’s up with Ola’s new spring football attire, it’s confusing everyone

The Ola Mustangs are sporting some new threads this offseason. (Special Photo: Ola Mustangs Football Twitter)

McDONOUGH — Have you been curious about Ola High School and their new spring training practice gear over the past few weeks? Worry not, we’ve been curious too and bugged Ola football head coach Jared Zito about it.

Over social media, the Mustangs that are working hard for spring training are wearing white shirts emblazoned with one simple character. A question mark.

Zito answered our one simple question that we had about why.

“It’s not anything new philosophy-wise,” Zito said. “It’s just we decided to put a new emphasis on it as we try to move forward as a program. We had a rough season, but we have a lot of guys back so it is up to them as to what type of team we have next year and that starts now.”

The Ola Mustangs finished 2018 with a 1-9 record, the worst finish for the program since 2011.

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