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Inside this Walmart, located on Hudson Bridge Road in Stockbridge, a Checkers and Auntie Anne's restaurant passed a followup health inspection on November 20.

STOCKBRIDGE – A Checker’s and Auntie Anne’s located inside a Walmart in Stockbridge has passed a follow-up inspection, a week or so after flunking a health inspection.

The restaurant, located at 1400 Hudson Bridge Road, passed with a 78, or a C on Nov. 20.

Violations observed on Nov. 20 included “food debris on vegetable slicer” on the rear prep table, and improper “final cook temperature for cooked hot dog during inspection time” and improper “hot holding temperatures for food product beef hot dog.”

On Nov. 6, the restaurant received a 68, with a number of violations, including flies “observed in the main kitchen” and “in direct contact with open/uncovered food,” as well as packaged food “observed stored uncovered and exposed to contamination by pests.”

According to the Georgia Department of Public Health regulations, a food service establishment “graded as a ‘U’ and does not earn at least a grade ‘C’ within 10 days of receiving the ‘U’” may be asked to “voluntarily close” until all violations are corrected, or have its food service permit “suspended or revoked.”

The Georgia Department of Public Health grades food service establishments based on a variety of criteria in food safety. Establishments that score a 90 to 100 get an “A” grade, those that score 80 to 89 get a “B” grade, those that score a 70 to 79 get a “C” grade, and a “U” grade goes to those that score 69 or less.

The Nov. 20 health inspection was the fourth inspection for the restaurant. The facility scored a 100 on July 20, 2017, just before its opening, and scored an 83 on Sept. 20, 2017, according to the DPH’s reports.

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