Everything from green beer to green grits, green cupcakes and green corsages, will be on display in stores and businesses, Saturday, throughout the Southern Crescent area, in celebration of St. Patricks Day.

Last week, I shared feedback from readers who had strong opinions on shoppers who buy in bulk. Shelf-sweepers came in for a lot of criticism from fellow shoppers, who feel that its only fair to leave product on the shelf so other bargain hunters have a chance to save. But what do stores thin…

A group of friends settled in at a quiet table near the center of the restaurant, as other patrons slowly filtered in, guided by brass band music befitting a Mardi Gras marquee evening.

My recent columns on etiquette for Super-Couponers generated an incredible amount of e-mail from readers. Shoppers who clear shelves in order to buy one product in quantity or who take multiple copies of coupons from tear pads or coupon dispensers are causing great consternation in the aisles.

A good meal, and good company, are as much a part of Valentines Day celebrations as candy, flowers, and gifts. The French Market & Tavern is bidding to make itself part of that tradition in Henry County, and the rest of the Southern Crescent area.

Kroger stores in the Southern Crescent-and metro-Atlanta areas are partnering with the American Cancer Society, during a two-week campaign to raise money to find a cure for cancer.

Hundreds of senior residents of Henry County receive meals on a daily basis, as part of the local Meals on Wheels program. One county leader said, in order to continue meeting the needs of elderly clients in a struggling economy, additional money and volunteers are needed.

I receive quite a few e-mails from readers who are on food assistance and are also using Super-Couponing techniques to stretch their budgets. Shoppers who receive government assistance for food purchases face some unique issues at the grocery store.

Question: Thanks so much for your weekly columns and your web site! I really enjoy reading your tips and suggestions. Now I have a question of my own: Do you ever get into a coupon slump? I started couponing late last year. I was really eager every other week to get my coupon inserts in my n…

Anyone whos ever perused coupon inserts in the weekly newspaper, knows that there are coupons for everything, from baking products, to snacks, to serve-at-once meals. But, what if you eat a special diet or prefer products made with organic ingredients? Can you still be a successful coupon shopper?

The soaring popularity of couponing has resulted in product shortages, empty shelves and disgruntled shoppers. But eager couponers arent always the culprits behind product shortages. Heres an e-mail I received recently:

The needs continue for Helping in His Name Ministries, Inc., Food Pantry, which must replenish its equipment and supplies to be able to continue its operations, according to the non-profit organizations president, Nola Love.

Are you a shelf-sweeper? Ive received several e-mails from miffed readers about shelf-clearing, stores running out of stock, and rude shopper behaviors in supermarket aisles.

Question: I usually shop at the same supermarket. However, I was drawn to shop at a competitor this week when it offered triple manufacturer coupons. A name brand of microwave popcorn was on sale for $1.62, buy one, get one free. I had a 75-cent coupon. If my coupon were tripled to $2.25, I …

Eddie and Debbie Woods have opened a small market in McDonough, where barrels of produce flow out onto counters, in much the same way they did decades ago, when Henry County was mostly rural.

For one week this month, Henry County Sheriff Keith McBrayer hopes his name will be synonymous with good eating, rather than policing, as he works to raise money for one of his favorite charities, the Georgia Sheriffs Youth Homes.

Question: Isnt it wrong to scan or photocopy a coupon? Ive been reading couponing boards and am tired of seeing people ask others to post scans or photocopies of printable coupons that arent available to them anymore because of print limits. Some web sites seem to advocate this. The store do…

Jamuel Tarrant's memories of childhood Thanksgiving meals include hunting rabbits with his brother, the bounty of which sometimes ended up on the holiday table, along with chicken.

A turkey, and a box filled with all the trimmings to prepare a Thanksgiving meal, were delivered to Sandra and Jesse Bell Tuesday morning by Clayton County Commission Chairman Eldrin Bell (not related), and Clayton County Senior Services staff members.

A couple of months ago, we heard from readers who simply do not want to stock up on groceries at any cost, for any reason. That column resulted in a flood of e-mail in support of stockpiling. Many readers make excellent points about stocking up. Listen in:

Imagine that you go to the supermarket planning an amazing coupon trip where youll purchase $80 worth of groceries for $20. As the cashier scans each manufacturer coupon, your total at the register dips lower and lower. But one item on the registers screen doesnt change a bit. What is it? Yo…

Question: I am a longtime coupon shopper and am dismayed by some of the things Ive seen on the Extreme Couponing TV show. I have seen shoppers use coupons in ways they shouldnt. One had $3 coupons for a certain type of laundry detergent but the shopper used it on a different kind and took ho…

Mary Riddle, of Hampton, was on her way home from a doctors visit with her husband, John, when something caught her attention, and attracted her sweet tooth.

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